JNNMS сервер майнкрафт

JNNMS | Just a server
IP адрес
Статус Оффлайн
Голосов 1
Версия 1.13
Проверялся около 3 часа назад

JNNMS | Just a server.

This is just classic server with minimal plugins.
(WorldGuard, WorldEdit, MultiPlugin0.9)

No shops, no minigames. Just survival.

Special Commands: (Only on this server)
/mpt_effect - Displays selected effect.
/trade - Main command for trading with players.
/msg_console - writes message to console.

Usual Commands:
/tps - teleports to spawn.
/menu - shows main menu
/info - shows your statistics.
/kit - gives to you kit.

Ultra Speed (when you spring)
Double jump (Press Space 2 times in a row)

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