Smokepurrp is a very intelligent, well spoken young man however he doesn’t get much credit for it. His lyrics are often overlooked and perceived as ignorant or irrelevent especially by old heads, for one, a piece of shit like J. Cole. However on this specific line, Omar also known as Lil Pump’s side boy reveals a deep message that must be hardly inspected to interpret. Words like “yeah” or “uh” which he repeats on this bar are very uplifting. It’s a no brainer that Purrp wanted to be very uplifting on this freestyle given the fact he was rapping on the instrumental to a track by the late XXXTENTACION who was known for many controversies but also from his positive messages and efforts, whom the two shared a good relationship with. Another thing you should notice is how Smokepurrp is open to and doesn’t mind the moonlight or the spotlight. However in this freestyle he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with the Limelight. This may be because the limelight is what fans of a boyband called “Why Don’t We” call themselves. The fans call themselves that because it’s a nod to a certain lyric sung by the group’s hit song “Taking You” where it is said “I need you in my life like a limelight”. What Purrp is attempting to say in the past few bars is that he doesn’t want to be apart of any relationships and is focused on the moonlight and spotlight. The significance of this lyric is how Purrp was able to connect the moonlight with the spotlight. Break the two words apart, a spot is a circle, which is the same shape of the moon, genius. However let’s break down the word spot some more. SP stands for SmokePurrp then OT stands for overtime. When people are talking about light it’s normally positive, so Smokepurrp could also be saying that when your team is in overtime, Smokepurrp will give your team a positive result in the crunch time. What this line basically means is that no matter how much attention or recognition you receive in the spotlight, positive or negative. You must always attempt to shoot for the moon; meaning setting high goals and must always stay positive, don’t get caught up in the moment. сервер майнкрафт

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