Chad Yeah Dude I've Got This Great Idea For A Company Let Me Tell You Bro It's Going To Revolutionize The Startup Industry When you Hear About How Much I Got On My Series A Financing You'll Want To Angel Invest In My Business Like Yesterday Bro Listen up Why Don't You Come Over For Dinner Tonight And We Can Talk Shop No Wife And Kids Bro Just Us Dudes Hanging Out Having Brewskies While We Talk About How We're Going To Change The World Bro It's Gonna Be Sick Bro Hey Dude Have You Ever Gone To Breckenridge Bro Bro Let Me Tell You Bro That I Was Just There Shredding Powder And Bro Let Me Tell You That A Vodka And A Red Bull While You Hit The Slopes Is Just The Sickest Bro I Mean You Think You've Lived When Your First Company Goes Public But Bro Let Me Tell You That It's Sicker Than A Successful Series C Round And Techcrunch Writes All About you Bro What Could Be Better Than That Bro Bro What's Your Insta Hit Me Up Follow Me Bro Leave A Message Bro I Always Read Them Bro Nobody Looks At F сервер майнкрафт

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